Muscle Injuries

Muscle injuries can be frustrating, especially if they happen repeatedly. Hamstrings are a common injury in high speed running sports and calf muscle injuries can be the bane of a runner’s existence. Researchers have found that often these muscle strains recur when the return to activity and sport is too quick or the rehabilitation of the muscle to full capacity is incomplete. Unfortunately, rest is not enough to return the ability of the muscle to lengthen and absorb energy required for activity. 

A holistic physiotherapy assessment to address not only the injured muscles, but those muscles around it and the kinetic chain, can help identify deficits that may predispose you to muscle injury and help you manage it beyond resolution of the pain. There is good research to support rehabilitation programs and minimise the risk of reinjury of the muscle by addressing non painful factors. 

Don’t waste your time just waiting for your injury to get better, only to have it recur when you try to ramp up your training again and then further delay your return to sport and the fitness activity that you enjoy.